Marquina Marie Iliev-Piselli

Graduate and Professional Work

About Marquina


Marquina Marie Iliev is a full stack author marketer and digital strategist for authors and book publishers. She specializes in platform building, email marketing, growth hacks, book marketing, and self published estate management. I do estate planning for authors, and act as a literary executor or rights agent for authors.


Find my current work for authors at or to learn more.

Marquina is the Director of Digital Marketing at Riffle ( She oversees all marketing and digital strategy for Odyl’s book community Riffle ( and Riffle Select ( an Ebook Deals Newsletter.

When a company needs one key hire, then Marquina is the one. She motivates her team to do great work, even in imperfect circumstances. She is on time, and sometimes ahead of schedule; definitely an ‘inbox zero’ type of person. She has experience with HubSpot and uses Google Analytics, KISSmetrics and Mixpanel to spot trends and recommend ways make Riffle more competitive.

With twelve years of experience with emerging technologies and startups, Marquina is an innovative executive-level manager with a proven record in digital marketing, social media planning/execution/training and product management. Before becoming the Director of Digital Marketing at Odyl, Marquina was the Senior Account Manager at Odyl for 3.5 years. In that role, she built and mantained thousands of Facebook apps (virtual gifts, giveaways, excerpts, photo contests, polls, quizzes) with over a billion page views, analyzed data sets to suggest how clients could improve post reach and visibility for their brands, and lead bi-weekly ‘how-to’ webinars on Facebook post improvement insights.

In December 2011, Marquina completed her M.A. in Instructional Technology from Columbia University. With this degree, she rounded out her account management experience with practical programming skills in php/MySQL, Java, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON as well as Objective C for iPhone. She is outgoing by nature – as exemplified by her love of karaoke and air guitar competitions – and is focused on social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, analytics and apps.


Email Marketing, Analytics, Facebook Marketing, Google Analytics, Adwords, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Apps, iPhone/Mobile Apps


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